Modem Booster 8.0

Signal booster for modems that gives user a stronger internet connection with higher download speeds

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98

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For PC users suffering from low Internet speeds, Modem Booster is a program that promises to increase the speed of your everyday surfing activities, your downloads, and your overall computer performance.

The Modem Booster Program

If you own a PC and are experiencing any types of connection issues, maybe the first thing you should look at is your software instead of your hardware. Too often is the case that regular users begin to experience low speeds, so they call that useless help hotline, and the modem or router manufacturer ends up suggesting new features or new equipment. The money spent is often money wasted, because it’s the computer’s software that’s the problem, as a program like Modem Booster often proves.

Modem Booster is a program released for the Windows PC. It works on XP, Vista, 7, and even Windows 8. To date, the program is on its 8th full version V 8.0. This means that the developer does fix holes and adds updates from time to time, so there’s always something new that Modem Booster brings to the table.

What Modem Booster Does

The reason why so many people appreciate a program like Modem Booster is that it does more than increase the bandwidth of your PC. Using even its most rudimentary settings, Modem Booster can increase the speed of your Internet connection, but it’s the fact that the program tweaks your various Windows settings that people seem to love. By selecting the tune-up option, Modem Booster can tweak your PC so it runs faster on startup, operates more smoothly, and freezes and crashes less frequently.

Modem Booster’s bread and butter is its ability to speed up your connection. When you use this program, you will notice that everything runs a lot faster. This is definitely evident when you’re downloading large files. For example, if you were only getting a few hundred KBs max on your movie downloads, you may experience close to the limit of what you modem allows; i.e. 5 to 6 GB/s on modems that provide up to 8 GB/s. It isn’t the best you can do, but it is more than enough for most people.

The program is pitched as a total web accelerator app, which means that everything connected to the Internet will see an increase in speeds. This goes for downloading software, music, images, etc. It works with all sorts of modems, including modems that operate on different types of Internet: ADSL, Satellite, DSL, Cable, etc.

The biggest downside of using this program is that you have to pay for it. You can use the trial version, but it only suggests what Modem Booster is going to do to speed up your PC. It won’t follow through on the tweaks until you purchase the full license.


  • Can more than double your speed
  • Tweaks system settings for better performance
  • Works in one-click operation style


  • Trial version is limited
  • A lack of customizable features

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